Measles, mumps outbreak hits Hurungwe district, as 35 children succumb to the diseases

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Tafadzwa Nyikadzino

A suspected Measles and Mumps outbreak has hit Hurungwe District, with reports saying it has claimed the lives of more than 35 children in a space of a month. The children are from one of the apostolic religious sects

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Nick Mangwana has revealed that a team from the Civil Protection Unit has been dispatched to investigate the deaths.

“The CPU is seized with the death of 35 children who have died in a space of a month from suspected measles and mumps. The children are from one of the apostolic religious sects.

“The tragic deaths came to light when a member of the church brought four of his children to Karoi Hospital with two showing signs of measles and the other two having mumps,” Mangwana said.

He said  the outbreak has affected wards 4 and 22 including Nyama village 5 in Hurungwe district. Some of the families that lost their children have been identified as Nduna (seven children), Magara (5) and the Matashu, Chikonamombe and Kaitano that lost two each.



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