Kuvimba Mining House sets eyes on transforming local mines into world class companies

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Tafadzwa Nyikadzino

Zimbabwe’s biggest mining organisation,  Kuvimba Mining House (KMH) has set its eyes on transforming the country’s mines under its portfolio into world class mining companies by developing the exploration and value addition side of mineral resources.

Addressing journalists yesterday,  the company’s acting Chief Executive Officer Trevor Barnard said the organisation is working on a drive to build a sustainable business and mining company that will generate value for future generations of Zimbabwe.

“We aim to turn around our mining companies and build them into world class and effective mining operations. We will be focusing on extending our exploration of resources to ensure that we have a long life of mining. On the beneficiation side, we do not want to just export ore, but we want to add value to all our mining exports to get the maximum value,” he said.

Barnard was recently appointed to lead the state owned mining company, replacing Simba Chinyemba who previously held the position. Barnard now leads the organisation at a time where 2 mines under its portfolio,  Bindura Nickel Corporation and Sandawana Mine are struggling due to low market prices of Nickel and Lithium.

However, the organisation will expect to boost its operations from the stable gold prices and rising demand for chrome in the global markets.

“Gold prices have been really stable.  In fact, they have increased to a higher level for a significant period and that has really worked to our benefit. We are very happy and excited about the gold industry at this stage and we believe those prices will remain at these high levels going forward.

“The has been an increase in demand for chrome, so Zim Alloys is in production as we speak and they are looking to put further operations into beneficiation,” said Barnard




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